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About the band

We are Live Transmission...

An alternative rock band from Liverpool formed in March 2017.

Our style fuses genres of post-punk, hard rock, punk and progressive rock. This gives us a unique yet modern sound to our music.

The 15th July 2017 marked the date of our First Performance when the lineup consisted of Callum Byron on vocals and Sam Hepworth on guitar.

Then followed the introduction of Gary Corran on bass and Alan Jacob on percussion into the band to make it complete.

Our influences are:

  • Joy Division
  • The Sound
  • The Killers
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Ramones

After Callum Byron and Sam Hepworth saw Peter Hook and The Light at Liverpool's O2 Academy, they decided on our band name “Live Transmission” after the Joy Division song "Transmission".

See below to find out more information about us.

The Members

Sam Hepworth, Live Transmission's guitarist

Sam Hepworth



Location: Crosby, Liverpool, UK

Birthday: 30th December 1999

Instruments: Guitar, Bass

What instruments do you play?

Primarily I play guitar but I am also occasionally known to dabble with bass.

What inspired you to begin music?

I learnt the basics of guitar at school and I have always enjoyed listening to music. But the one thing which inspired me above anything was the ability to express my imagination and ideas in a song. I was captivated by music theory and songwriting and wanted to learn more.

Who are your influences?

I have a range of influences:

Bands such as The Killers, The Fratellis and Arctic Monkeys originally inspired me. However, after studying music over time (not to mention discovering my Dad's vinyl collection), I discovered bands such as Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Iggy Pop and The Stooges and The Sound. All of these bands were more punk and post-punk orientated which helped me refine my style to what it is today.

In terms if guitar playing, I have a variety of influences: Jimmy Page, Bernard Sumner, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Steve Jones, James Williamson and Johnny Ramone. This variety helped me develop a unique sound in my own playing.

What do you do outside of Live Transmission?

Besides writing more music, I also have an interest in DIY. I enjoy modding and building guitars from scratch.

I am a First Dan in Ju Jitsu and a Second Dan in Kobudo.

I am a football fan and I support Everton FC (COYB), having been a season ticket holder since I was 7 years old.

Callum Byron, Live Transmission's singer

Callum Byron


Background: Crosby, Liverpool

Location: Merseyside

Birthday: May 28th

Instruments: Lead Vocals

Influences: Joy Division, New Order, OMD, Oasis, Pink Floyd, The Who, Depeche Mode, The Sound, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Echo and The Bunnymen

Gary Corran, Live Transmission's bassist

Gary Corran

Bass guitar

Background: Liverpool

Location: Merseyside

Birthday: 9 August 2000

Instruments: Bass Guitar

Influences: Joy Division, Peter Hook, Oasis, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Killers, Kaleo, The Cranberries, Arctic Monkeys, Metallica, Cliff Burton, Liam Gallagher

What do I do outside of Live Transmission?

- Play table tennis
- Workout/train in my local gym
- Love to watch a variety of horror films
- Learn & practice more music

Alan Jacob, Live Transmission's drummer

Alan Jacob


Stockton Heath, Warrington, Cheshire 

22 January 2000


Queen, The Killers, ELO, Keane, Kaiser Chiefs, Roger Taylor, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie Vanucci Jr.

Other Stuff:
I love films (Shark Tale, Austin Powers and St Trinians). 

I love acting and presenting.

Also, I like TV and going to the gym.

I have Aspergers.

I also play guitars and keyboards and I have perfect pitch and sing.

I write songs particularly lyrics and have my own rehearsal and recording set-up.

I have studied music technology and production at college.

I would like to be a professional musician.